Quing’s Quest: The Death of Videogames

            The work is meant to be read as a choose your own adventure game. It couldn’t have been produced as a printed work simply because certain functions wouldn’t be available in print. For instance, when choosing the outfit your character should wear, you have to click on certain words to flip through different articles of clothes. Also, at the beginning you are given three areas that you are given to choose from so you can roam the ship.

            As far as techniques goes, as I mentioned earlier, the author uses certain words that are different colors from the rest of the text to click on. When clicking on these words, it seems to use an embedded link to transfer you to another page. In my personal experience with the work, it engages with readers in a way that accounts for how the mind wanders. We naturally want to click on other things when using an interface, and this takes total advantage of that. By encouraging the reader to click on specific words, instead of them disengaging it just further delves them into the atmosphere of the world being created.